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We offer a vast range of products and services, which include: graphic design, large format printing and installation . Our company was founded in 2008, Moeketsi Design Studio has more than a decade extensive experience in the industry, We have a team that always goes the extra mile to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Our footprint spans across two provinces , namely North West and Limpopo province.


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Printing Services
We offer a wide range of services to cater for all your printing needs. Whether you want to print T-shirts, Bags, Caps, Water Bottles, Key rings, Notebooks or even Calendars, look no further and come to us for assistance. If it requires designing and printing, we can do it for you. You can also visit us at our offices for all your photocopying, printing and laminating needs.
Flyers are a very strong marketing tool that can help you advertise your products, services and promotions rapidly and effectively. We will assist you with designing the most effective flyers for whatever purpose you need them for and help you print them to be clear, visible and memorable. We give you the option to choose the perfect size and paper type for the flyers you want. Our flyers come in size A6 (148*105mm), A5 (148*210mm), A4 (210*297mm), A3 or DL (210*99mm). You can also choose between standard, glossy paper and also decide to print single or double-sided flyers.
Invoice & Quotation Books
We offer a wide range of reasonably priced options depending on your business needs. Choose between A4, A5, Self- Carbonated and Non self-carbonated Quotation and Invoice books.
Banners are a bold way to display a message and make a statement. Whether you want to announce the launch of your new or existing business or company, display all your business product offerings or host corporate and social events – allow us to design and print the most suitable banner for you. The best part about banners is that they work excellently both indoors and outdoors. They can also withstand harsh weather conditions and can last for years. All banners are printed on PVC and supplied with eyelets
Other corporate clothing Printing
In addition to T-shirts, we specialize in printing caps, overalls and any other corporate clothing item of your choice. Come chat to us and we will surely assist
Business Cards
Networking is the most essential part of any business – the best part about it is that there is no specific time or place to network but can be done anywhere. As a business, getting your brand known can be the distinguishing factor that will help you stand higher than the rest and become memorable. Business cards are still relevant even in this digital age and can be just what you need to achieve all this. Let us help you design and print the best business cards for your business. Networking and getting your business known will be a handshake away, anywhere and anytime. Our business cards come in a range of affordable packages.
A company letterhead is important in personalizing your business / company, making it easier for clients or customers to work with you as it assures them that there is a team behind your business which will cater for their needs.
Logo Design
A good logo design is what people will associate with your company. This is what will give you the edge and make your company memorable to future potential clients / customers. A logo is what will appear on your business cards, letterhead, signage boards or whatever you decide to as a marketing / advertising tool for your company. Hence a well-designed logo is critical for the success of your company. Chat to us and let us help you to design a good and memorable logo for your business.
Website Design & Hosting
Do you need a website for your business? Let us help you. We will sit down with you to understand your needs and design a website that will get your business known and easily accessible. We at Moeketsi Design Studio will even maintain your website your website for you and ensure that it constantly gets updated with the latest information and news at your request.
T-shirt Printing
Are you hosting a corporate or social event? Looking for ways to promote your business and enhance your brand with branded T-shirts? Or do you just want your own personal T-shirt to rise up above the rest? Well, let use help you design and/or print the most ideal T-shirts for whatever occasion! You can bring your own T-shirt and design and let us do the printing for you. Alternatively, allow us to order T-shirts of your choice - from round and V-necks to Golf T-shirts, we'll have you covered in no time! We do both vinyl and screen printing.

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